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Possum Removal Services

We never relocate a possum from its own territory, but we do get them out and keep them out!


Have You Noticed the Following?

  • Possums in and around the roof
  • “Cat” like squealing & squabbling at night
  • Mess & smells • Strange droppings on the roof/ground
  • Chewed out facia boards
  • Excessive roof noise, at specific times
  • Bird lice, itching with no apparent cause
  • Dogs barking at walls
If you answered YES to any of these points….then you may have possums living in your roof & walls.
If you suspect Possums in your roof that you have either seen or based on the noises you are hearing, we are professional animal removers. Please entrust us to your Possum problems for a fully guaranteed animal free outcome, humanely and within current laws!!


How are you sleeping?

Your roof makes a wonderful home for a possum with it being dark, warm and sheltered, though they do not always make such wonderful guests.
possum removal canberra, possum removal actMost people assume that the possum can be caught and relocated well away from the property. But it is actually illegal to do this under the Native Animal Wildlife Act. It is also illegal to trap a possum without a license or permit from the proper authority. When possums are relocated to an area other than their own, their survival rate is limited due to the fact that BRUSH TAIL Possums, in particular, are extremely territorial and will kill any new animal that is intruding on its territory. This will almost certainly result in the relocated possum’s death within a week. And another possum will move into that one’s home….your place! This makes this a useless exercise, and is the reason for our business of sealing up the buildings and making them 100% “POSSUM PROOF”.
What you need to do & what we do, is locate & repair any possible POSSUM ENTRY points anywhere on the exterior of the building (including the roof), then remove the animal/s in a very safe and humane way. WE LET THEM GET OUT then we make sure they cannot get back in…very successfully the Possum is then free to find a new home for himself in his local area.


The Process – Humane Possum Removal

After you contact us, usually an initial inspection is required. Standard possum removal covers up to 2 possum sized entry points in a building, removal of Possum(s) (various methods, such as one way doors, night seals, etc.)  & a full 12 month GUARANTEE, including the odd times when possums chew new entry’s for themselves.
A day will be advised. When the technician arrives for your inspection, they will establish the animal issue/s, if any, by locating any & all of the buildings possible entry/exit points, then determine the safest method for removal of the animal/s. This is then put in place depending on the structure type. The possum(s) will be left a single escape route which will either close behind it/them or involve a night time visit to finalise the lockout. Under the standard removal promise, if required, an obligation free quotation with the exact cost and work requirements will provided either by email, or handwritten by the technician if the damage and open areas of the building exceed that of the afore mentioned standard removal. If the standard removal can be performed, it will be initiated at this time and you will be informed. You will also be informed of any other animal presence such as rats or birds etc.
We will keep in contact with you throughout the time between the sealing up and the one-way door removal, or night seal, to ensure the possum has either adjusted to the new routine for night seal, or has exited through the one way point before returning to finalise the removal.
possum in roof canberraThe technician will return to the site either at night to do the final seal whilst the possums are out foraging, or during the day to remove the one-way door. Another inspection will be performed to ensure that the possums are not working on any weak points or have not found any other way in to the building. You will be emailed/posted a document that clearly defines what to expect and what to look for post eviction and noise wise, as well as our details to contact us should the animal(s) get back in, or if you have any concerns about anything to do with the removal process.
Please call the Office on 1300 164 831 (assistance available 24/7) to book one of our professional possum removers to assist you, or if required, for free advise with any difficult enquiry regarding animals within buildings over the phone.
We look forward to hearing from you.




Permanent & Complete Removal with a 12 month Guarantee! $250.00 (Standard)