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What do I do if I see a rat in my yard?

Do not kill or touch it. Please take the time to look up the Australian native animal called “BANDICOOT”. These animals are unlucky enough to look exactly like a rat….including the tail. There are differences however and 9 times out of 10 this is what you are looking at in the yard. The head shape is more “pointed” and the ears are slightly rounder, and the bandicoot has a more ferocious mouth full of teeth, which will be evident when you approach them as they will open up to show you in defence, than the rat which have 2 large in-scissors top and bottom and will more than likely put up the front paw or paws in defence. Rats are very cautious about their safety and you are unlikely to see a healthy rat out in the open as it would be gone long before you get to where it is, so please look out for BANDICOOTS. A tell-tale sign for their presence in an area (your yard) is conical holes about the size of a ten cent piece, very evident under buildings especially, in the dirt or ground as a result of their hunting for bugs,worms,etc. These animals cannot climb and offer no adverse effects on your home….so please look out for them at all times.